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Stores Information

Welcome Back!

 We have reopened all our stores.
Schedules Street Stores: 10 a.m  7 p.m (monday to friday) and 10 a.m -1 p.m (saturday).
For Shopping Mall stores :
10 a.m — 9 p.m (monday to friday)and 10 a.m -1 p.m (saturday and sunday).
We are waiting for you!
*Due to the Pandemic Covid'19 control measures decreed by the Portuguese Government,

the stores in Figueira da Foz (Shopping Foz Plaza) and Albufeira (Algarve shopping) are still closed.

The Portimão store continues to sell at the wicket (and a new virtual shopping service).

You can check the usual hours of each store in the link below:



Security Measures and Recommendations

- mandatory wearing of a mask by fashion advisers and clients; 

- provision of disinfectant gel at the entrance of stores for hand sanitizing; 
- constant disinfection of all surfaces and equipment, at the beginning/end of the day and whenever a customer is served; 
- constant disinfection of all products whenever tried and / or touched by a client with a Certified product (VercovTex disinfectant);

- respect for safety distances and the limits of space occupation; 
- maximum attendance of 4 customers simultaneously, each customer must wait his turn outside the store to be attended; 

- use of a fitting room in a controlled way and disinfection of the same when used;

- we have contactless payment methods (for example, debit/credit cards);