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Ana Sousa launches brand for women "of the new generation"

10 November 2020

Ana Sousa launches brand for women "of the new generation"

Ana Sousa launches brand for women "of the new generation"

It's been 28 years since the Portuguese designer Ana Sousa launched her own brand in 1992. The dream was to create a line of women's clothing with a different style, based on the quality of the materials, the crafted details and a modeling that she describes as "unparalleled".

In 2020, the brand wanted to grow and reach a younger audience of "charismatic, outgoing, sensual, and ravishing" women. This is how Temperatura was born on October 23, which is on sale online, but also in Ana Sousa stores throughout the country. The launch was made in the 200 square meters flagship store in Centro Colombo, Lisbon, where it is located on floor 1, in the fashion and accessories area for women (space number 1.029A in the mall).

According to the responsible, Temperatura wants to reach the "new generations", with proposals on sale between 9,90€ and 120€, which include dresses, pants, blouses, wallets, knitwear, overalls, tunics, sweatshirts, shorts, skirts, shoes and accessories. On the site, you will also find several pieces with mid-season sales up to 30 percent off.

Ana Sousa's brand already has over 60 stores in countries like Spain, Russia, Luxembourg, South Africa, Switzerland and, of course, Portugal.


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